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We are an architectural office with more than 45 years experience in housing and commercial projects. Architect Dennis Davey is a leader and innovator in his field. For three decades now, the 1970's the 1980's and the 1990's our work has been reported by the media. Our work in passive solar energy design, energy conservation construction methods, affordable housing design and pioneering the use of computers in design has been reported in more than 50 newspaper stories, 25 magazine publications, 6 Television stories,  2 radio interviews, 2 book profiles and 4 newsletter reports

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The internet office of Architect Dennis Davey focus is providing architectural services, house plans, home plans, floor plans, home design, passive solar heating, solar energy,  energy efficient home plans from small house plans to large house plans from new home design to home additions and home renovations.

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Connecticut, Florida, Indonesia, Massachusetts, California, Michigan, Missouri, New York Texas, Tuirks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies, Virginia, Washington, Colorado, New Hampsire, Bermuda.